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The God Minute App

The more you make time in your life to think about God and are mindful of His presence, the deeper your faith will become. The problem is that we get so busy and involved in our daily routines that we don’t make the time.

This simple app is an audible reminder for you to pause, in the midst of your activities, and offer a quick prayer of gratitude and mindfulness to God. Three random times each day you will hear a chosen sound- calling you to pause for a “God moment”— a thought, an acknowledgment, a thank you.


Now included is the popular "The God Minute" podcast. It is a short daily prayer that is simple, reflective and led by a Vincentian priest. See how beautiful prayer can be. 10 minutes, Mon-Sat.


Spend some time with God and see how your day rises in abundance!

The God Minute App

  • Available for both Apple iOS and Android smartphones (will not work on flip phones). Please go to your phone's app store and download (free).

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